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​Set the (salary) benchmark, yield results

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As real estate recruitment and talent solution specialists, deverellsmith are acutely aware that the ability to balance the needs of attracting and retaining talent, along with fiscal responsibility of your company, is a key priority for anyone who runs a real estate business.

With many businesses having to make difficult decisions about their cost base, and labour often being the largest single cost they incur, having a handle on your employee pay packets has become even more crucial.​

  • Pay too much and you could be achieving a poor ROI and put unnecessary strain on your finances, especially when market conditions turn

  • Pay too little, or offer a non-competitive benefits package, and you risk not being able to attract top talent whilst also losing your best people to your competitors

How you choose to compensate your employees can not only have an impact on your finances, and your ability to attract and retain staff, but also on your overall company culture.

Compensating employees on the wrong outputs can also be detrimental to your brand reputation and customer service, especially in sales-based roles where individuals might put their own desire for remuneration ahead of the customer’s experience.

But finding out what is competitive, and how people can best be compensated to drive output and customer satisfaction, can be challenging for any business leader or HR professional.

Businesses in the same sector can operate with very different internal promotion criteria and job titles – one firm’s Managing Director is another firm’s Head of Department, with potentially widely different responsibilities and compensation.

Firms like Glassdoor and Payscale have come onto the scene, but do they really paint an accurate picture, and give you enough detail and insight to make crucial decisions about your own employee compensation?

deverellsmith’s Salary Benchmarking service uses a specialist team of internal Data & Research (D&R) consultants. Our specialists enable data mining across 1000’s of industry professionals, extracting the most valuable insights, giving you forensic evidence and clarity of current and future talent pools.

Our service will provide:

  • Comfort you are competitive and able to attract top talent with competitive compensation packages

  • Reassurance you can mitigate risk of losing staff to competitors based on compensation

  • Clarity for key decision making around promotions and internal mobility

  • Control and focus to budget and cost planning

  • Savings in managing staff costs and avoiding wage creep/over inflation

  • Continuity in building staff loyalty and improve business culture

To learn more about how deverellsmith is helping real estate businesses benchmark their compensation and benefits packages then please click here or go onto our website.

Compensation and Benefits are a key component of talent management within your business but how you communicate this, along with your company’s overall culture, to current and potential employees is paramount too.