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How to rise through the ranks in Real Estate

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So, how do you climb your own professional property ladder, in an unprecedented climate?

Whether you are currently employed, looking for a new opportunity or re-evaluating your career, learning tips and gaining insight on how to progress through the ranks in real estate is a skill which you can own.

From whichever angle you view it, in today's market environment, career progression can ensure that you are satisfied within your career and role, whilst also benefiting your employer by increasing employee retention.

Showing progression not just through getting a promotion, but being able to take on more responsibility and deepening your understanding of the market is a desiarble characteristic for any role, but expecially real estate as there is so much to learn.

Below are some helpful tips to help you start your professional climb...

Communicate –

Be clearand transparent with management and leaders within your business form the get-go. Showing ambition and drive is only ever going to be deemed positive by an employer. If you feel that your goals aren’t being met, organise a time with your manager to discuss why and what can be done to ensure these milestones are met.

Set your own targets –

Now is the time to be your own boss,setting personal and professional targets will ensure that you are creating accountability for yourself. Don’t be afraid to aim high and review these down the line, they may change depending on your current situation and needs.

Be aware of your worth –

Knowing what remuneration, benefits and other package incentives you are entitled to is key to maintaining momentum in your professional career. You can take a look at deverellsmith’s salary calculator or speak with a consultant for exclusive insight into the competitive market.

Mentor –

Finding a mentor or nominating yourself to mentor another offers personal development in more ways than one. Both parties require commitment and work but long-term can open doors, offer new skills and are highly regarded on your CV.

Network –

Build your professional network, online and offline. The world is moving forward, innovating and changing the way we do business. What isn’t changing? People and connections. Networking is one of the most powerful ways to climb through the ranks, in a climate where job adverts are less likely to be posted due to influx of applicants, knowing who is hiring and word of mouth can play a valuable tool in gaining a new position.

Ella Beese, Head of Internal Recruitment at deverellsmith, says, “Open communication and transparency play a key part in tracking progression of employees, it’s not just about KPI’s but attitude and contribution to the company. If you’re hoping to progress, at the right rate, it’s about being a great employee and not just a money maker. Attitude speaks volumes!”

For more information on the points above, market intel or free career coaching, speak with one of deverellsmith’s expert consultants by

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