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Head of Facilities Management - Urban Bubble

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-Consultant: Nick Hammond

Role: Head of Facilities Management - Urban Bubble

Location: National

What was the situation?

Nick’s client was looking to build an in-house facilities management function within their company. Because of this, they needed a candidate that could come in and set up a new department in house therefore, they needed someone that had prior experience doing this successfully.

Were there any challenges?

The specific needs of the client, and the experience that the candidate needed to have made the candidate pool very shallow. This was made even trickier by the fact that they needed BTR experience, as BTR is still a newer market and has less experienced candidates than other more mature markets.

What was the methodology?

Nick undertook a prolonged pre-screened approach and mapped every candidate in the market that met the clients’ requirements. He then met with the candidates personally and conducted a competency-based interview, testing each candidate with the competencies detailed in the job description.

Nick then provided the client with a short list of which 4 candidates were interviewed.

What were the results?

The client found the right candidate for the role, and they have started in the agreed timescale, and has already made a great impact on the business.

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