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Taking responsibility for our CO2: deverellsmith partners with Oblong Trees

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​Did you know? The UK needs to plant 1.5 billion more trees to go carbon neutral.

Oblong Trees is an organisation planting trees in the UK and around the world. Supported and run by data company Oblong (UK) Ltd, they are using the knowledge they have to reach out to over a million UK businesses, educating them on CO2 output and offering them a solution to offset their carbon footprint.

Their research has shown that a small number of companies are trying to offset their carbon footprint, which is why they have come up with a way to offer them a simple low-cost solution.

‘If every private company in the UK planted trees with us then we would plant over 6 billion trees’

Oblong Trees work with conscientious landowners who plant trees on their land, always planting with tree guards, supports and added nutrients to ensure their tree survival rates are kept high. In total, they have planted enough trees to have sequestered over 18 million cubic feet of CO2.

deverellsmith appointed Rachel Blight – Senior Resourcer, as our Sustainability Ambassador this year, to drive the company forward in terms of becoming more climate positive.

Rachel commented, “We are delighted to join Oblong Trees in our plans for carbon offsetting. We are excited to work with them and volunteer for their tree planting days in Warwickshire this Autumn”

If you would like to join the movement, learn more here.