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#BrewMonday with Will Castle: 'Everyone's journey is different

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“What people choose to show you just about scratches the surface”

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The festivities of the Christmas period and New Year are well and truly behind us, and 2023 has well and truly begun. Returning to work after a well-needed break can be challenging, and movements like Dry Jan, new year's resolutions and not to mention the unfavourable weather can potentially prompt a bout of the January Blues.

So, what is Blue Monday? Blue Monday is supposedly the ‘most depressing day of the year’.

The day was given the ‘Blue Monday’ label by a travel company to boost sales and typically takes place on the third Monday of the year. Although a myth, we understand that January Blues can still be a reality for many.

The Samaritan’s started their #BrewMonday campaign to remind us to reach out for a cuppa and a catch-up with the people we care about.

Our Employee Wellbeing Ambassador, Ryan Doyle, was on a mission to create a positive spin this year, as well as raise awareness and bring an expert into our ‘devcast... studio’.

He invited Will Castle, Director at CBRE and Movember Ambassador to speak with him about his mental health journey, how he became a reputable Movember ambassador and what advice he has learned along the way that he can share with our listeners who may be feeling affected by the January blues.

Will’s journey with mental health

Will openly shared his journey with mental health began after he lost his father to suicide 12 years ago. After not speaking about it for 10 years after it happened, he gradually began to open up to others around him, which gave him comfort and also allowed him to help other people navigate their challenges. He is now a strong believer in mental health and works part-time for the Movember charity, doing various talks throughout the month to spread the word.

What influential things have you learned throughout your journey?

Something to remember is that everyone’s journey is different, and Will shares this is the most important thing he has learned in his experience over the years. Individuals will react to situations in different ways. Another key learning point Will shares is, what people choose to show you just about scratches the surface. Especially your colleagues you see every day, we all walk into work and want to be the best version of ourselves, even if that version isn’t the real version of you.

Sometimes after we come back from a wonderful break with friends and family, we might put on a smile for clients and colleagues but feel unmotivated, and downcast inside. There should be no reason we can’t show a bit more vulnerability with people we know and trust.

Listen now to hear the full podcast and more advice from Will about mental health in the workplace, and how we can support each other day to day…

If you are feeling low, you can use the following helplines to speak with someone: