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Working Saturdays: ​What would you do with more work-life balance?

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We surveyed over 300 estate agents throughout January 2023 asking: ‘How many Saturdays are you contracted to work for your business?’

Just over half of the participants (53%) stated that they do not work Saturdays. This response was much more popular across management job titles including lettings managers, sales managers, branch managers and directors.

This was followed by 20% of participants who responded ‘every other Saturday’, 15% answering ‘1 in ¾ Saturdays and then finally 13% responding that they work every Saturday.

The general trend seemed to highlight that the more senior you were, the fewer Saturdays you were required to work.

How many Saturdays are you required to work a month?

Ryan Doyle, Manager of Estate Agency, commented: "We're noticing two clear trends, firstly candidates who work in Central London tend to have a far better work-life balance than the rest of the market, with East London and North London working more Saturdays than other regions.

Secondly, the more senior your role, the fewer weekends you're required to work. That being said, we've found that the best performers, regardless of level, tend to work every weekend naturally... regardless of contracted hours."

To learn more about trends and how we could help you align yourself with the rest of the market both financially and from a work-life balance perspective... we'd love to buy you a coffee. You can drop your details in the form below and we'll get back to you.