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How to hire...a Marketing Manager into the Build to Rent sector

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Read our latest search project below with our Marketing Account Manager - Anna McGeorge.

The challenge

Our client, one of the UK’s leading Build to Rent developers was looking to hire a Marketing Manager to support their Head of Marketing in reaching the business’s short and long-term goals.

Due to another team member leaving, the Head of Marketing had become more involved with the team's day-to-day responsibilities and had less time to focus on the strategic needs of the business.

They needed to hire a Marketing Manager to join the team who could manage the daily marketing functions and contribute ideas toward the marketing strategy. This would enable the Head of Marketing to focus on the growth of the business.

Given the immaturity of the Build to Rent market in the UK property industry, the company had limited access to experienced candidates with relevant experience in the sector.

The solution

Although there is a limited number of candidates with experience in the Build to Rent sector, it’s a growing area of the property industry and is appealing to candidates both entering the sector and moving within it. Anna utilised this when speaking with potential candidates encouraging them to consider the Build to Rent sector as a beneficial move for their career.

Due to the small pool of candidates with experience, Anna McGeorge utilised her expansive network to headhunt top candidates with relevant experience, as well as using referrals from those within the industry to widen the pool of talent available.

The results

With this Anna was able to identify a number of top candidates to shortlist and send over to the client. After a successful round of first interviews, they took two candidates forward to the final stages.

The client found a suitable candidate that has successfully contributed to the marketing across their development portfolio, as well as enabling the business to grow and hire a further person on the marketing team.

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