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How to hire... 3 Land Managers to drive a growth strategy

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Read a recent search project below with our Principal Recruitment Consultant – Jake McMonagle.

The challenge

Our client develops homes in thriving mixed-use communities. The group will always have a primary focus on building affordable tenures – this is owed to the 19th century entrepreneur who gifted his fortune to building affordable housing across major cities in the UK – and our client enables the business to develop both mixed sustainable communities and recycle profits from private sales back into building and maintaining affordable homes.

To continue their efforts to maintain its legacy, they were seeking three new land managers as part of their growth strategy to source further development opportunities and strengthen their territories of operation.

Our client is known as a dependable partner in the market which is reflected in the people they hire. It was important to source the right candidates for all three roles.

The solution

Jake McMonagle, Principal Consultant within the Land, Development and Construction division at deverellsmith, supported our client over a 2 month period to help build the land function and drive growth within the business.

Through his extensive industry network and effort to build relevant relationships, he was able to produce a high-quality candidate shortlist. Each candidate met the profile requirements whether they had the right qualifications, skills or attributes to thrive in the role.

The hiring procedure was smooth and efficient; the interview process consisted of two stages, the initial being virtual and the final face-to-face. This enabled the candidates to move at pace and stay highly engaged with the business.

Due to Jake’s thorough screening process, the hiring manager was only required to interview 10 candidates.

The results

All three candidates have remained in their roles and passed probation. The position which was initially a FTC had been extended from the initial 6 month post to an additional 9 months.

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