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How video is changing the way we sell houses in property

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​Video may have killed the radio star, but it has made some savvy estate agents into rock stars.

Video marketing has transformed the likes of Ryan Serhant in NYC and Grant Bates of Hamptons.

These guys put together a variety of videos to promote their listings, grow their audience and attract new clients. Whether they employ professional videographers to shoot cinematic home tours, or produce Reels and Tik Toks on their iPhone, it doesn’t matter.

What they are doing is painting thousands of words through a video lens and rocketing themselves to the upper echelons of estate agency stardom, growing their listings and selling property faster and for more.

Let’s look at some stats to back up the use of pretty videos:

  • Property videos on listing generate 403% more interest, 60% more qualified leads and 20% more clicks than any other form of property marketing according to Focal Agent.

  • Websites that have embedded video receive 55% more traffic and are 53% more likely to appear on page 1 of Google.

  • Research in the US showed that 85% of sellers want to work with an agent who uses video.

So, buyers like looking at property videos, so as an estate agent you are increasing the chances of being seen by potential clients if you use video. Not just that…sellers want to work with an agent who uses video! Three pretty compelling stats to prove that you should be investing time into property video.

But how do I create great videos? I hear you cry. Easy (and it doesn’t always need to cost you loads of money).

Option one is the simplest but the most costly - go to a videographer, a video production studio or a property video specialist like FourWalls. They will work with you to shoot a home tour as well as some shorter content for socials. You will get great content without taking too much time.

Be consistent and shoot a video for every home you list and then make the most of the content by getting it out via every channel available.

The second option is cheaper but more labour intensive - put your iPhone to better use and shoot short videos then post across socials, publish on YouTube and Vimeo and then embed these on your website and on the portals.

My advice here is that you need to be brave, have some fun and don’t take everything too seriously. Big brands go lo-fi too. It makes content more authentic and resonates with viewers on an emotional level.

If you want some inspiration of how we use video at Mr and Mrs Clarke visit out YouTube channel below.

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