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​deverellsmith announces sponsorship of BTR News, empowering the BTR sector

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deverellsmith announces sponsorship of BTR News, solidifying its commitment to supporting the growth and success of the sector.

deverellsmith, a leading recruitment and staffing solutions provider in the real estate industry, is delighted to announce its official sponsorship of BTR News, the premier source of information and insights for the rapidly growing Build to Rent sector.

As the Build to Rent market continues to flourish, deverellsmith recognises the importance of supporting industry knowledge-sharing platforms like BTR News. By becoming a sponsor, deverellsmith aims to contribute to the advancement and development of the sector, fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the industry.

BTR News has gained significant recognition as the go-to platform for industry professionals, investors, developers, and stakeholders seeking the latest news, trends, and expert analysis in the Build to Rent space. Through its sponsorship, deverellsmith aims to bolster BTR News' efforts in providing a comprehensive resource for those involved in the space.

"We are thrilled to partner with BTR News and support their invaluable contribution to the Build to Rent industry. As a recruitment specialist deeply invested in real estate, we understand the importance of staying informed and fostering knowledge exchange within the sector. BTR News aligns perfectly with our commitment to empowering professionals and businesses in this market." Nick Hammond, Head of Build to Rent, deverellsmith. "

The sponsorship collaboration will involve a range of initiatives aimed at amplifying BTR News' reach and impact. deverellsmith will work closely with the BTR News team to develop exclusive content, industry reports, and thought leadership articles, providing expert insights and expertise to further enhance the platform's offerings.

"BTR News is delighted to partner with deverellsmith as a sponsor. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate recruitment space make them a natural fit for our audience. Together, we aim to provide a platform that promotes best practices, industry developments, and fosters meaningful connections within the Build to Rent community." Nick Biring, Co-founder, BTR News.

The sponsorship marks a significant milestone for deverellsmith, further solidifying its commitment to supporting the growth and success of the Build to Rent sector. With its extensive network of real estate professionals and deep industry expertise, deverellsmith is well-positioned to contribute to the ongoing success and expansion of BTR News.

deverellsmith is a leading recruitment, executive search and talent solutions provider specialising in the real estate sector. With a focus on building strong connections and long-term partnerships, deverellsmith offers bespoke recruitment services, executive search, and talent advisory solutions. Leveraging its extensive network and industry expertise, deverellsmith empowers individuals and organisations in achieving their goals and driving the growth of the real estate industry.

BTR News is the leading source of news, insights, and analysis for professionals, investors, and stakeholders in the Build to Rent sector. With a mission to provide the latest information and foster collaboration within the Build to Rent community, BTR News serves as a central platform for industry professionals to stay informed, engage in discussions, and drive innovation in the rapidly growing Build to Rent market.