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How to hire: A Director of Mixed-use Properties

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​Read a recent search project below with our Business Manager – Leasehold.

This global leader in commercial real estate services and investment was looking to hire a brand-new Director of mixed-use properties and partnered with Will Kirby – Business Manager of Leasehold at deverellsmith. As this was a new position that no one else had previously held, the challenge lied with finding a candidate with the right combination of skills and experience for the position. Because of the specific skillset and new requirements, the candidate pool was smaller compared to a more established role.

The businesses needed a candidate that had previous experience in mobilising mixed-use developments, whilst also having experience consulting on all sites set up within this sector.

Passionate about people and property, Will Kirby has built a career within residential Block Management at deverellsmith focusing primarily on the London market and the Home Counties. Will has experience in placing individuals at all levels from block manager to director however more recently has been involved in the introduction of managing agents to their potential clients being developers and freeholders.  


The project solution

  • Exceptional knowledge of client’s needs: As an experienced and intuitive recruiter, Will possessed the ability to understand his clients on a profound level. Working closely with them, he developed a deep understanding of their company culture, values, and long-term goals. This allowed him to pinpoint precisely what his clients were seeking in a candidate, beyond the standard job requirements and identify candidates who not only possessed the necessary skills, but also aligned with the company’s vision.

  • Established network of senior mixed-use professionals: Will’s most powerful tool was his well-established network within the industry, which he has built over the 7 years of working at deverellsmith. This gave him access to a vast pool of talented candidates. Leveraging his network, he had 3 top candidates that instantly came to mind that would be a great fit for the role and the business which he sent forward to be interviewed.


The result

  • 100% shortlist to interview rate.

  • 6-week turnaround from vacancy to hire.

  • The new Director has since joined the company and has already decreased the workload of the team to help the business deliver their clients the best possible service.