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How to hire: A Live-in Resident Manager Couple (Build to Rent)

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​Read a recent search project below with our Principal Consultant, Build to Rent - Wes Beckenham.

As a prominent and forward-thinking Build to Rent (BTR) operator, UNCLE has established itself as a leading provider of highly functional rental apartments tailored to meet the diverse needs of its residents. One of the early pioneers of the BTR movement in London, their mission lies in revolutionising the conventional notions associated with being a landlord, ensuring their residents feel listened to.

In a move to elevate its operational excellence, the company needed to fill a unique position – that of a live-in Resident Manager couple role. Seeking a duo to embrace this opportunity, they needed a couple who would not only reside within their building but also have the skills to thrive in this multifaceted role. The role required a range of responsibilities including property management, leasing management, community management and team management. Because of the unique nature of the role, trying to find candidates that possessed enough of the transferable skills needed proved difficult, as well as candidates that were willing to move to the up-and-coming area within London.

An experienced Property Recruitment Specialist, Wes Beckenham has 6 years of experience recruiting into Property Management, across both Leasehold Management and Build to Rent spaces. Enthusiastic about helping candidates progress their careers, and often helps off-sector candidates move their long-term experience from within different sectors into Property Management. Wes is happiest when his work leads to candidates moving into positions that they would have otherwise not applied to without his advice and knowledge of the sector.   

The project solution

Established trust between the business and candidates: As an experienced recruitment consultant, Wes was able to build trust with both the business and candidates through his existing in-depth knowledge of the role and property sector. His comprehensive understanding of the specific demands of the position through relationship building with UNCLE, allowed him to pinpoint couples whose skill sets seamlessly aligned with the essential requirements of the role, while also fitting with the culture of the business.

He understood that what held greater significance for the company was for the selected couple to possess a proven track record of working well together, rather than having experience within the property industry.

This was especially vital with such a unique role at hand, and with this insight into both the industry and job role, the candidates were able to make an informed decision that was right for them increasing the likely hood of success within the business.

Expert use of market mapping within Build to Rent: Wes utilised his extensive network of professionals within the property industry to start mapping candidates with relevant experience. He went further by also looking for CVs within industries outside the property industry that would produce candidates with the transferable skills to work and manage a BTR property such as hospitality and leisure. His focus honed in on CVs that belonged to couples aspiring to both live and work together. This led him to engage with most such individuals across the UK.  

The results

  • 80% shortlist to interview rate.

  • The couple has since started within their position, and in a short time have been promoted from Resident Managers to Mobilisation Managers.

Candidate testimonial

“It’s not an exaggeration to say Wes Beckenham changed our lives. 

We’re unusual in the employment market anyway as a married couple that enjoys working together and we’d found it hard to spot an opportunity for us that represented an ambitious career - short of a domestic household or a beach-side Hotel in Devon, it was fair to say we really struggled to find our next role. 

When Wes first connected with us, we’d actually already spoken to one specific recruiter about the role he was presenting, but it didn’t feel like us, so we didn’t ask to be put forward. 

Wes called us after finding our CV online. He didn’t pitch the job to us initially – he listened! He asked us questions to understand who we were and what we were looking for and seemed generally interested in the response. When we then learned the position he was teeing us up for, we were hesitant having dismissed it previously. 

Wes did what all GREAT recruiters do – and used what he’d learned about us in the first part of our conversation to overcome any preconceived doubts we had about the role. By the end of our chat, he’d been passionate enough about us attending the interview on-site that we felt confident we’d learn something about ourselves and what we were looking for by going for an interview, at least if nothing else. 

What has followed has been nothing short of our dream job. We’ve joined an amazing, exciting, and ambitious company that marries our values of hard work with relentless enthusiasm and desire for improvement. It felt like we fit straight in and we believe wholeheartedly that the reason for this is that both us as candidates, and our employer, was well briefed from the outset.

We can’t thank Wes enough – he’s been instrumental on helping us to find exactly what we’re looking for, and now as we look to bolster our own team, he’s our immediate phone-a-friend.”

Emma & Tom Newbery – Mobilisation Managers UNCLE