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How to hire: Top talent into the Later Living sector

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Read a recent search project below with our Team Leader, New Homes & Later Living – Tabitha Allingham.

Our partner, a leading UK provider of rented retirement homes was searching for several additional members of the team including general managers, sales and operational employees.

They made massive steps in the Later Living industry and were one of the first to offer a rental model in the market, making moves that would reshape the industry. Their innovative approach quickly catapulted them into a phase of rapid growth.

This expansion not only demonstrated the company’s remarkable success but also necessitated a rapid scaling of their team and business to meet the surging demand for their unique rental services.

Filling the roles posed a challenge for Birchgrove due to the nascent nature of the industry. In the world of later living, there was a small talent pool to draw from. This void made the search for the ideal candidate more challenging, as the company not only needed someone with the right skills and experience but also the perfect personality fit for the role.

Matching the unique requirements of the business’s innovative approach to Later Living with a candidate who could embody their vision and values became a true test of Tabitha’s recruitment capabilities.

Tabitha Allingham is a seasoned recruiter with a strong track record of specialising in placing sales and customer care professionals within the realms of developers, house builders and global consultancies over the past 2 years, her passion for the sector blossomed as she played a pivotal role in helping numerous businesses establish and fortify their sales teams. Given the remarkable growth observed in the later living sector, Tabitha seamlessly transitioned her expertise into this dynamic industry, making it her specialised area of focus. Her commitment to facilitating the talent needs of the later living sector reflects her adaptability and keen insights into emerging markets.

The project solution

Resourceful headhunting within alternative markets: Tabitha demonstrated a keen eye for talent acquisition by expanding her recruitment beyond the confines of the real estate industry. In her pursuit of the perfect candidate with transferable skills for the later living sector, Tabitha skilfully ventured into sectors such as hospitality and luxury travel. Her ability to recognise the cross-applicability of skills and find top-tier candidates, allowed her to bridge the gap between sectors and find candidates who brought fresh perspectives and excellence to later living.

Multi-faceted recruitment approach: Tabitha’s approach included headhunting which involved actively seeking out top talent and highlighting the benefits of considering new opportunities to them allowing the candidates to consider transitioning into the later living industry. She also efficiently mapped the entire market, including alternative markets like high-end retail and fine art sales. Finally, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape. In addition, she approached potential candidates directly, leveraging her network and expertise to ensure she left no stone unturned.

Personalised approach: Tabitha met with every single candidate before presenting a shortlist to the business and managed the entire interview process. This approach to managing the entire recruitment process not only streamlined the selection of candidates but also ensured that the business’s team was built with the most qualified and competent individuals.


Tabitha went on to successfully fill 9 placements with Birchgrove, including:

4 Sales Managers across varying sites

Neighbourhood Executive Director

Area Manager

Head of Hospitality

Head of Wellbeing

HR Manager

- 100% vacancies filled in agreed timescales

- Market mapped

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