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Expert talks: UK Property Market 2024 Predictions

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At the Autumn 2023 edition of Banking on the Future, we asked our guests what they were predicting for 2024 across the property market.

Experts stated that it's difficult to predict anything and we could face challenges along the way although many are optimistic. A sense of stability for property should be on the cards due to the market's resilience.

Thanks to Lesley Roberts (Director of BTR at Godwin Developments), Robin Goodlet (Deputy Managing Director at Eco World), Tom Davies (Managing Director at Alexander Hall), Andrew Deverell-Smith (CEO & Founder at The deverellsmith group) and Nicola Broomham (Group Client Solutions Director at The deverellsmith group) for their input.

Some highlights included:

  • The UK market has always been incredibly resilient, it's a great place to invest and we have an incredible talent set to drive a challenging landscape

  • The best teams come through in the best shape

  • The future is bright but we might have to go through some rocky roads first

You can watch the full Banking on the Future panel discussion here, or register for deverellsmith's 2024 trends report, Hiring for the Future, via the form below.