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How important is LinkedIn in Estate Agency?

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We’ve entered a world where almost every agent is now using videography to help promote their latest listing...

To be clear, I’m a big fan of this kind of content, and the more innovative we can be, the better. However, I think the question is slowly becoming, how can we distinguish ourselves from others if everyone is using the same tactics?

Are boutique estate agencies paving the way?

There are now more boutique independent/multi-branch independent agencies than ever, boasting a ‘new age’ attractive brand, almost looking like interior designers at times.

You’ll find the strongest brands are pumping good content into the market consistently, keeping aligned with market trends. These brands are thinking…how can we be different; how can we offer a wow factor?

Why is LinkedIn a powerful tool to encourage word of mouth in the estate agency space?

Remember, LinkedIn is a professional platform, so typically an estate agent’s connections are going to be fellow estate agents. Word of mouth, especially within this interlinked market is vital. We all love telling our friends and family who they should use when selling their property (if it can’t be sold by yourselves of course).

For example, my brother is currently selling his home, and I advised him to approach certain local brands based on what I had seen of their marketing and heard through word of mouth, as they look like reputable brands.

Today’s landlords are far more likely to go with an appealing brand, they don’t want to be represented by an agency with beach wood desks and blue carpets! 

Let’s keep switching it up LinkedIn, it’s refreshing to see.

The importance of your personal brand as an estate agent

In the world of the recruitment estate agency sector, you are also more likely to get shortlisted for awards, gain more business, and also headhunted if your brand is of high quality. I wouldn’t necessarily always class these individuals as the market’s best agents; however, they do have a huge outreach and that’s more important than ever in today’s world. 

I've also seen the flip side of the coin when agents get it wrong as you can of course damage your personal brand if you’re not careful. Typically this comes down to the likeability factor, so make sure when you are posting…be likebale.

Are there anomalies to the rule? Definitely. There will always be estate agents who don’t necessarily need to promote their personal brand, their ‘black books’ speak for themselves… however, I’m highlighting here the top 1% of the market, the other 99% most certainly can do more to promote their personal brands in a more consistent, fresh and innovative way.

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