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​How to hire: A Senior Project Manager 

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Hire a Senior Project Manager 

Read a recent search project below with Chris Litras – Director of Development & Construction.

Our partner is a Real Estate Investment Firm specialising in the development and execution of impactful real estate initiatives aimed at enriching local communities and maximising returns for stakeholders.

They were seeking a seasoned Senior Project Manager to spearhead their ambitious £1 billion urban renewal endeavour in the heart of Central London.


Recruitment project team

Chris is an experienced Director in construction recruitment. Having worked at a market-leading corporate agency for over a decade, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the industry and is able to advise on all aspects of the recruitment process to secure the very best talent for deverellsmith’s clients. 

Recruitment project brief 

Due to the complex nature of this large-scale mixed-use project, our partner sought a candidate with a proven track record in this specialised field. Furthermore, the stringent logistical limitations in Central London necessitated expertise in navigating such challenges, especially for such a high-profile scheme.

The ideal candidate would be required to manage the sensitive relationships between the consultants and contractors, ensuring smooth coordination and effective management of these crucial relationships.


The recruitment project solution 

A consultative approach: Chris took the initiative to acquaint himself with the hiring manager overseeing the project, visiting them on the scheme to delve deeper into our partner’s expectations and the specific skill set and experience sought in the ideal candidate.

deverellsmith’s extensive database: Chris began his search by harnessing the database of deverellsmith, a cultivated network of property professionals spanning 17 years, to comprehensively map the market landscape. He mapped all of the mixed-use regeneration projects across the capital, pinpointing the key project leaders associated with each of these schemes.

Chris’s own connections within the industry: Drawing on his extensive experience as a Director in construction recruitment, Chris had generated a substantial network of industry professionals. Leveraging this network, he tapped into his connections to receive referrals for the position.

Pre-qualified candidates for our partner: Chris conducted all initial stage interviews based on the criteria provided by the real estate investment company. This approach enabled Chris to assess technical competencies, emphasise significant accomplishments, and quantify commercial achievements. By doing this, Chris ensured that our partner was presented with top-tier candidates right from the outset of the recruitment project.


100% shortlist to interview rate.

Vacancy filled in the agreed timescale.

Our partner was pleased with the candidate that they hired, and the candidate has been successful within the role and the management of the new scheme.

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