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Strategic hiring: 3 ways to prepare your business for the new Financial Year.

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​Where market dynamics and regulations play significant roles in the property industry, planning and preparation are essential for navigating the challenges and seizing opportunities that lie ahead.

A big part of this strategy will be your people. They are your business's biggest asset, whether you are an estate agency, housebuilder or construction company. We’ve put together some key steps to ensure your business is all set for the new year through strategic hiring and talent solutions.

Evaluate the business’s current and future needs around hiring

A great place to start is by assessing your current workforce and identifying any skill gaps or areas where additional resources are required. Consider your business goals for the upcoming year and determine the roles and positions necessary to achieve them.

Are you planning to expand into new marketing, launch new projects, or enhance your service offerings? Align your hiring strategy with your strategic objectives.

Verity Hampson-Smith, Principal Consultant - Residential Construction.

“A piece of advice I’d give to my partners is to consider hiring temporary employees heading into the new year. This will help you ramp up your productivity and finalise projects before the end of the year.”

Consider your Employee Value Proposition

In our recent ‘Hiring for the Future’ Annual Report, we found that almost 50% of candidates find an employer’s brand extremely important when they are looking for their next role.

This shows the importance of creating an employer brand that stands out amongst top talent and differentiates your property business as an employer of choice. A valuable way to achieve this is by highlighting your company culture, values, and opportunities for the career growth and development a potential employee can expect.

Creating employee testimonials and success stories, and leveraging your presence online, will strengthen your brand and visibility amongst top talent.

Nick Hammond - Head of Build to Rent

“I’d recommend completing an internal review of the last 12 months, looking at things like retention rates and who you’ve hired. Think about what has gone well and what hasn’t, and use this to determine the kind of skills and people that you would like to hire into your business. This will then help you create a brand that will attract the right people to you.”

Prepare for changes in the market

Think about the market, what changes you can expect to impact your business and what skills and experience you will need amongst your workforce to ensure you are prepared to take hold of the opportunities that the market may present.

Clearly define the roles and responsibilities for each position you plan to hire. Include an outline of the required qualifications, experience, skill set and certifications needed for specific roles within the property sector, such as an ARLA Qualification for property managers.

Jack Cole - Recruitment Consultant, Estate Agency

“We are seeing an upturn in the market, and are potentially heading for a busy start to the financial year. The market has shown positive movement, and businesses should ensure they have enough hands on deck so they don’t miss out on business opportunities.”

By strategically planning your hiring activity, defining clear job roles and cultivating an attractive employer brand, your business can effectively prepare for the new financial year and build a talented workforce ready to succeed. Talent solutions aren’t just about filling positions - it’s about investing in the future growth and sustainability of your business within this dynamic market.