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A guide to employee benefits in the property industry

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​Are you searching for more than just a job? Do you aspire to join a company that values your well-being, growth and success?

In today’s job market, finding the right role for you goes beyond just the role itself - it’s about the entire package, including employee benefits.

How can you navigate your job search, and know what benefits are available to you in the market, and ones to ask potential employers about in your interviews?

This blog will explore the types of benefits out there, to help you make your next career decision.

Health and wellness

Your health is your most valuable asset. Some businesses will offer comprehensive health and wellness benefits that cover both you and your loved ones. From medical, dental and vision insurance to wellness programmes and mental health resources, you can focus wholeheartedly on achieving your professional goals with support like this. deverellsmith for example, offers all employees access to a mental health platform called Plumm which gives employees access to free therapy sessions and career advice when they require it.

Financial security

Benefits packages can also include aspects to secure your financial stability. This can include retirement plans, life insurance and flexible spending accounts designed to support your financial goals both short-term and long-term. Businesses in the property industry such as CBRE, also offer their employees mortgage advice, which within this market is exceptionally helpful for navigating which mortgage to choose when buying your first home, or how to navigate changes in mortgage rates.

Work-life balance

A work-life balance has become an increasingly important issue that prospective employees are looking for in their next career step. It’s about finding harmony between your professional and personal aspirations. In recent years, employers have started to introduce more flexible work offerings such as hybrid working, job shares and flexible hours. There are even businesses like Daisy Chain that offers a platform for businesses within the property industry to advertise their flexible working benefits to potential employees who value a high-quality work-life balance.

Professional Development

When deciding which company to join next in your career, part of the decision may come down to how you can further your career within the business and climb up the ladder within your discipline. Businesses like Savills offer personal development plans, mentoring and training schemes within their benefits schemes, that support their employees reach new heights and provide them with the resources to advance their careers.

As you embark on your job search journey, remember that the true essence of a fulfilling career lies not only in the job role itself but in the comprehensive benefits package offered by prospective employers. These benefits serve as pillars of support, elevating your career journey to new heights while ensuring your overall well-being and happiness.

If you would like advice and support throughout your job search, get in touch below or drop your CV here.