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Nick Cuff: The politics of UK housing

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Our guest in this episode of devcast… is Nick Cuff - Chief Commerical Officer at Pocket Living, an organisation working hard to get middle-earning Londoners onto the property ladder.

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Nick’s vision and expertise have been pivotal in revolutionising the way we think about affordable housing and sustainable living in urban environments. He was one of the driving forces in one of the most innovative businesses within the industry Pocket Living. As the Chief Commerical Officer, he’s been instrumental in crafting strategies that marry functionality, sustainability and community engagement.

Hosted by Andrew Deverell-Smith, Global CEO and founder of deverellsmith & Hintel, listen as they dive into Nick’s back-to-front way of getting into the property market, how he came to work at Pocket Living, his favourite parts of his career so far and the challenges he finds with regarding the politics of the property industry.

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