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Talent solutions for the future workforce

What makes us different?

deverellsmith’s Client Solutions team provides a range of unique talent solutions for the future workforce. Working in partnership with your business, we aim to understand your hiring obstacles and provide the most effective pathway to becoming a company that identifies, attracts, and invests in its employees, the right way.​

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Our Products...

ds Exec Search

deverellsmith’s Executive Search offering fuses our unique data and research capability with some of the most experienced real estate recruiters and search professionals in the marketplace to deliver considered, effective results which ultimately increase shareholder values.

Led personally by company founder and CEO, Andrew Deverell-Smith, deverellsmith has a 20-year track record of placing senior, director, board level and ‘hard to fill’ positions across all disciples of the property sector.

In addition to mapping markets and identifying targets when executing assignment briefs, the research team are able to use industry knowledge, credible networks, reach and trusted partners to provide business information and a number of ancillary services.

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Who is ds Exec Search for?

For any organisation seeking mission critical hires or organisational shake-ups, ds Exec Search will guarantee the right person for your business.

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ds Success

The sales arena has a notoriously high attrition rate, the industry is money motivated and KPI driven. Salespeople are often jumping from employer to employer and seeking the best opportunity for short periods of time, leaving companies with lack of control over staffing costs. A recent analysis carried out by deverellsmith’s Client Solutions’ team showed a major London agency was losing more than 10 million pounds of revenue due to staff turnover each year.

However, these times of change and unknown have provided opportunity for growth and innovation. The ds success model steers away from contingency recruitment and one-off upfront fees; it enables a long-term unified outlook.

For each sales professional recruited by deverellsmith, a small % of their earnings will replace the traditional recruitment fee throughout the course of their employment. This unique fee structure aims to minimise risk when hiring, accelerates business expansion, and allows your business to compensate in line with employee performance.

Who is ds Success for?

You guessed it: sales teams. We only provide this service to a select number of clients, we need to know that these candidates are going to a business where they can thrive in order for us to both guarantee a return.

We’re not just here to help you spend your money more wisely, under our guidance you can save money too. It’s time to choose success and finally find a reliable way to forecast your hiring costs.

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ds Partners

deverellsmith’s ‘on demand’ solution provides your business with an onsite specialist consultant as an extension of your business. A dedicated consultant to represent your brand and work closely with your team. This specialist has access to deverellsmith’s 250,000 strong database of property professionals, advertising and marketing capabilities, our data and research team and the full service and knowledge of the firm.

The solution provides a fully integrated talent solution (working with your existing internal recruitment function or as the sole practitioner), without the risk, cost and time investment of a new employee.

Who is ds Partners for?

ds Partners is ideal for a wide range of hiring projects. From larger organisations struggling to optimise their in-house function, to those in rapid growth or expansion phases, an onsite recruiter can support your business in achieving the hiring assignment goals on time and on budget.

The ‘ds Partner’ recruiter provides your business with a powerful recruitment engine, which can be scaled up and down to fit your needs. Your ds Partner will require little to no training (in fact – we’ll teach you about some of the dark arts of talent attraction!) ensuring see results quickly and without the need for database or advertising set-up.

It’s not just one head you’re hiring, but a team of 50+ with a combined experience of several hundred years.

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ds Research

deverellsmith’s unique data and research function enables our clients to make smarter, data-led decisions around their most valued asset class: people.

Our team of researchers and analysts provide in-depth on market remuneration rates, benefits packages, employment environment, culture, values, or even how best to structure your teams.

How to remunerate and reward your staff is a critical decision for all employers. Too high? Overall profit will pay the price, damaging long-term growth. Too low? You may fall victim to attrition, one of the greatest threats to the success of any business. The same applies to understanding work-life balance motives and why professionals in the sector choose to leave. Having the right information about your employees’ attitudes and behaviours will give you the foundation on which to make the right decisions.

Who is ds Research for?

ds Research is a product for companies who are serious about their employees and the spaces they work in. As the property sector is so broad, our data and research specialists actively collect information from organisations comparable to your own, providing accurate data, insights and recommendations to help shape your future business decisions.

What employee issue are you trying to tackle? ds Research has the answer.

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ds EVP

Now don’t be mistaken, an Employee Value Proposition isn’t providing free fruit or gym memberships, a hip working office or the day off on your birthday (although these are all brilliant benefits). It’s the who you are, your company’s purpose and the why your employees want to work for you. It’s to ensure from the get-go, your staff align with your values, understand your vision, and believe in your company’s journey. It’s defining your company DNA.

deverellsmith’s Client Solutions team work with your decision makers to help shape your EVP, including defining your employer brand emotion and personality. It involves choosing what type of company you are, and what type of company you aren’t. It’s understanding your story and message to your teams.

Providing your employees with a clear identity of who your company is and what it stands for not only instills confidence in your staff, but it empowers a common concept on what is trying to be achieved.

deverellsmith understand how to build and articulate your EVP to attract and retain the best people.

Who is ds EVP for?

This solution is for organisations serious about long-term stability with their staff, building a successful framework and an authentic culture that delivers results.

How do you want your staff to represent your brand?

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Leading the charge...

Meet our team of powerhouses who support, facilitate and drive client solutions projects, enabling you to make smarter business decisions.

Andrew Deverell-Smith

Andrew Deverell-Smith

CEO & Founder

Eliza Jones

Eliza Jones

Director of Data & Research

Nicola Broomham

Nicola Broomham

Client Solutions Director

Censa Caird

Censa Caird

Director of Delivery

Paul Day

Paul Day

Director of Finance

Rachel Blight

Rachel Blight

Senior Resourcer

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