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John Lewis Partnership

Join a business that put's people at it's core: the John Lewis Partnership is the UK’s largest employee owned business.

The iconic retailer breaks into the build to rent space

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About the organisation

Last year, The Partnership announced projects to diversify the business, putting in place ambitious plans for 40% of profits to come from outside of the retail sector by 2030, which includes the private housing sector.

Acting as the developer, investor and operator, John Lewis will have a long-term commitment to the success of the development and its place within the community. With a plan to do more than simply create new homes, The Partnership wishes to create new thriving communities that can integrate with and augment the existing communities in the locality.

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Why choose JLP as your next employer

We believe in rewarding our Partners for their time and energy. After all, they’re the ones that make the John Lewis Partnership special.

When you join the Partnership, you’ll be given access to our very own internal benefits website, PartnerChoice. Here are some of our staff's favourite elements that we have on offer.

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JLP's company culture

The challenger brand is a highly attractive offering for top tier professionals in the development and BTR space. Nick Hammond, deverellsmith’s Head of BTR, is driving the recruitment process and will be powered by deverellsmith’s data and research department to find the right people who can execute each role and enable a long-term, unified outlook.

As well as diversifying the business, John Lewis aims to help address the current housing crisis by making greater use of previously developed land; avoiding contribution to urban sprawl and the need to release green belt land.

A message from your new leader...

Katherine Russell, Head of Build to Rent at John Lewis Partnership, commented ‘Sourcing the right talent for John Lewis Partnership is imperative; we’re about to embark on an ambitious journey working as a collective to innovate our communities, providing high-quality Build to Rent projects.’

Watch the video to view the full message.

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The opportunities...

The talent search is initially for two leads - Development and Operation – of which both will spearhead business expansion and provide strategic direction for the intensive project. Leadership is an imperative skillset in each position, along with a real passion for driving people. Download the job briefs below.

Development DirectorOperations Director

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Nick Hammond

Nick Hammond

Head of Build to Rent

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If you're keen to learn more about John Lewis Partnership, we'd love to hear from you.

John Lewis Partnership have ambitious growth plans to build their real estate team. to be considered for future opportunities you can drop your CV below.

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