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The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service provides your business with a powerful recruitment engine, which can be scaled up and down to fit your needs, in fact – we’ll show you how to appeal to your target audience and work with you to retain your talent for as long as possible

Each business we talk to identifies recruitment as one of their biggest drains of time and money with many clients intending to grow significantly over the next few years. Whilst every solution must be bespoke, an RPO will typically improve these common issues:

  • Reducing recruitment fees

  • Improving time to hire

  • Reducing time managers and HR team must dedicate to the recruitment process

  • Access a breadth of recruitment expertise that you may not be able to hire individually in to your organisation

Beyond these norms (which all RPO providers will give you) deverellsmith RPO has a vision that all employees who join your business should be given the best opportunity to achieve their potential.

We look beyond just getting people in seats; we support training programmes, formal further education, and vocational training.

The business benefits from a greater skill of individual without the need to hire externally and the candidate recognises the commitment of their employer. Inevitably this reduces staff attrition and improves the calibre of new hires.

You may feel you have all this in place because you have invested in a recruitment professional(s) to support your business internally. Should that be the case we have a track record of supporting peaks in hiring through our projects team. There is also an option to lease one of our recruitment professionals while you find a permanent member of staff.

For established teams we can provide a consultancy service which gives your recruitment professionals the tools to evolve their internal offering and evidence the most suitable investments for their success.

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