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Data and Research Projects

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deverellsmith’s unique data and research function enables our clients to make smarter, data-led decisions around their most valued asset class: people.

Benchmarking research reports

How to remunerate and reward your staff is a critical decision for all employers. Too high? Overall profit will pay the price, damaging long-term growth. Too low? You may fall victim to attrition, one of the greatest threats to the success of any business. The same applies to understanding work-life balance motives and why professionals in the sector choose to leave. Having the right information about your employees attitudes and behaviours will give you the foundation on which to make the right decisions.

Our team of researchers and analysts not only support all our departmernts source the best in talent market but also provide in-depth reports on market remuneration rates, benefits packages, employment environment, culture, values, or even how best to structure your teams.

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Who is ds Research for?

ds Research is a product for companies who are serious about their employees and the spaces they work in. As the property sector is so broad, our data and research specialists actively collect information from organisations comparable to your own, providing accurate data, insights and recommendations to help shape your future business decisions.

What employee issue are you trying to tackle? ds Research has the answer.

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