Investment, Land, Development & Technical

Investment, Land, Development & Technical

​The duties of a Senior Planner often fall within coordinating and directing planning activities for various projects, whether they be in the public or private sector. This position demands an extensive understanding of zoning and land use rules, as well as project management and stakeholder engagement expertise.

A Senior Planner's particular tasks may include:

● Conducting research and analysing data to inform planning decisions and policies.

● Reviewing and evaluating development proposals to ensure zoning and land use regulations compliance.

● Providing guidance and advice to other planning team members, i.e. junior planners and project managers.

● Collaborating with other departments or agencies, such as engineering or environmental teams, to ensure coordinated and effective planning efforts.

● Engaging with community members and stakeholders to gather feedback and ensure planning decisions reflect community needs and values.

● Creating and executing short and long-term land use, transportation, and community development plans and policies.

● Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of planning initiatives and making adjustments as needed.

● Preparing reports, presentations, and other materials to communicate planning initiatives and progress to stakeholders and the public.


Senior Planners have a major role in their communities physical, social, and economic development. Great interpersonal and communication skills and the capacity for critical and creative thought are necessary for success. You should also have a solid grasp of planning concepts and processes.

All planning professionals need to be MRTPI qualified.

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