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Development Manager - Greystar

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Who was the company?

Greystar is a market leading fully integrated real estate company offering expertise in investment, development, and property management of multifamily residential properties globally. The European business is rapidly growing, and currently covers the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain. In the UK, Greystar has an expanding portfolio of multifamily (build to rent) properties throughout London.

What was the situation?

Greystar were seeking a search partner to appoint a Development Manager at Greenford (1,500 BTR units) to lead the execution of the Company’s development platform by managing the technical and construction side of the development processes; the successful candidate would lead and execute development projects from inception to completion, across design, planning, procurement and construction phases and integration with operations during the entire life cycle of the project.

What was the methodology?

Nick led a search to find the best quality Development Manager in the market to launch Greenford. Through internal interviewing and detailed research, Nick formed a clear understanding of Greystar’s culture and the EVP. The objectives of the company were defined as well as the role the successful hire will play, and the critical elements to their success. In doing so, a detailed understanding was developed of the role and responsibilities of the position, the core skills and personality traits required to deliver. This resulted in Nick being able to map and refer 150 candidates, interview 5 candidates, and shortlist 2 candidates capable of doing the job.

What was the outcome?

Nick’s search resulted in the successful hire of their Development Manager at Greenford. The successful candidate possessed strong development and project management experience; including a demonstrated ability to oversee the entire life cycle of the development process and to complete development projects.

Their exposure to large scale and multiple phased development projects has allowed the candidate to support the execution of Greystar’s current development projects, as well their development pipeline within the UK. Nick successfully filled the position with the assistance of our data & research specialists.

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