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Senior Property Manager - Westcombe Homes Group

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Who is the company?

Westcombe Group is a leading London property developer, creating contemporary, luxurious homes and commercial properties of exceptional design and specification.

 What was the situation?

 The team at Westcombe Group currently had an internal staff member who had been with the company for a significant number of years managing the responsibilities which the Senior Property Manager would take over. This individual moved into Admin role, as their skills didn’t match the criteria the Senior Property Manager required for how the business wanted to grow. 

 As the portfolio was expanding and they needed someone to come in and manage the demand, it was imperative to find the right candidate who matched the search criteria. The assignment was to find someone who lived locally, met the salary budget and the specific profile agreed, was IRPM qualified and had over 5 years of experience.

 ​Were there any challenges?

Will was instructed to find a shortlist of candidates who lived locally to the office, specifically no more 30 minutes commute to the office. Westcombe Group wanted to ensure the successful candidate didn’t spend time travelling to the office and that their work/life balance wasn’t affected.

What was the methodology?

Will began the recruitment project by mapping out all managing agents that were located within half hour of the office as well as property management teams and approached them accordingly. Additionally, Will utilised his network, advertised on all the relevant job boards as well as using Linkedin to source active and passive candidates.

These techniques resulted in Will being providing a shortlist of 10 candidates, where the hiring team met with 5. Following this, 3 of interviewees were offered a second stage which led to the successful candidate being identified and offered the position. The entire recruitment assignment was completed within the agreed timeframe of 2 months.

What was the outcome?

The assignment closed with an extremely happy client and candidate; the candidate has since taken over full management of the portfolio and it is running smoothly, efficiently and able to drive the business growth forwards.

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