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Office Manager/PA - Stanmore

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Consultant: Anna Rickenberg 

Role: Office Manager/PA 

Location: Stanmore

What was the situation?

Anna’s client was looking for a new Office Manager/PA to join the business, bringing with them enough experience to reorganise policies and procedures that were currently in place to make the operations more efficient. 

The role also included responsibilities to support one of the Directors to help manage his time more effectively. 

Were there any challenges?

Anna found that one of the main challenges was finding a candidate that was intrigued by the idea of working within a small team. In addition to this, the client placed high importance on finding a candidate that fit into their culture. This made it slightly more of a challenge to find top candidates, that possessed both the relevant experience and the values that the client was looking for.

What was the methodology?

To ensure Anna found the ideal candidate that would fit best into her client's company culture, she went down to the office in person to meet with the client. This helped her get a better feel of their culture and working environment, and really understand the expectations and requirements of the position. She discussed with her client what the candidate will be doing, and what their key indicators of success for the candidate would be. 

This assisted Anna in finding the most suitable candidate for the client and gain a full understanding of what type of experience and personal attributes the candidate should possess.

What were the results?

Overall, there was a great outcome. After sending just one CV over, Anna managed to find a great candidate for the client who was a great fit for the role and that candidate was placed in the company. Due to Anna’s detailed research and dedication to ensuring she understood fully what the client was looking for, she found someone who fit both the culture and experience of their client.


Phone: 020 3056 1211