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Property Manager - Richmond

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Consultant:Will Ibbetson

Role: Property Manager

Location: Richmond/remote

What was the situation?

Will’s client operates a unique business within the market, running a fully remote lettings company covering the Richmond Borough. The current property manager that they had was leaving to become a teacher, so they needed to fill that role.

Were there any challenges?

The company had a unique portfolio, managing lettings and properties for people who had bought in London and moved abroad, or bought abroad and moved to London. Due to this distinctive portfolio and business model, it was a unique role and required a specific skill set.

As the properties were very personal family homes, the landlords were understandably emotionally invested in their properties, therefore, Will had to ensure the candidate was the right fit for all their stakeholders.

Will also had to ensure that the candidate had prior experience working with landlords abroad and could hit the ground running once they had joined the company. The candidate needed to be someone really experienced, able to work flexible hours as well as remotely.

Another unique component to the role was the candidates would be required to use a bespoke software that the hiring manager had created, so the candidate would need to be open to being trained on this.

What was the methodology?

Will met with his client to further understand the candidate requirements, the company culture and what they were looking for within the perfect candidate. He spoke with the client for 2 hours to ensure he walked away with a full understanding of the client’s needs.

Once Will was confident with the requirements, he created job ads, started resourcing and reaching out to his personal network on LinkedIn.

From this he then met every suitable candidate for 1ststage interviews virtually and created a short list of candidates to drill down on their experience and really understand their knowledge of the market.

Will, together with his client organised competency-based tests for the candidates and were able to find the best candidates in terms of legislation knowledge and written communication skills.

What were the results?

Final stage interviews were conducted and from that the client then made offer.

The successful candidate didn’t live in London but had previously lived in Richmond for 6 years so had knowledge of the area.The candidate has started her remote training, client was happy with the results