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How to hire: 9 self-employed Mortgage Brokers

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​Read a recent search project below with our Head of Mortgages – Hugh van Grutten.

The challenge

Hugh's client, a boutique, high net worth, mortgage brokerage, was recently anticipating a very busy year ahead, owing to new corporate relationships that they had established. As a result, they needed to find 9 self-employed brokers who possessed a client book.

These brokers need to be able to have a significant impact on the business, as they would be responsible for building and nurturing relationships with clients and generating revenue for the company.


The solution

Hugh, an expert consultant with years of market experience, drew upon his extensive network of contacts and in-depth knowledge of the industry to identify exactly what the hiring manager was looking for, drilling down to find the right candidates to meet their requirements.

His expertise in the field allowed him to quickly understand the company’s needs and develop a clear understanding of the type of people that would be the best fit.

He leveraged his connections to reach out to his established network of contacts, carefully selecting those who he believed would be most interested in the opportunity and have the necessary skills to meet the hiring manager’s expectations.


The results

The hiring manager was so impressed with the first two candidates that they interviewed, they wasted no time in extending job offers to them straight away, a testament to the high level of talent and expertise that these candidates brought to the table.

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