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Do you want to get your foot in the New Homes door?
Contracting is the perfect place to start...

​There has never been a better time to join the house building industry, and the deverellsmith New Homes Contract team cannot wait to help you get your feet firmly in the New Home's door!

What is New Homes?

New Homes Sales Consultants work in the lucrative real estate industry, working for homebuilding companies selling new homes within a growing community.

Working in New Homes you will meet prospective customers on a daily in beautiful model homes, and assist the client with the sales and various details while moving into the community.

Love building relationships? As a New Homes Consultant, you will consistently engage with visitors, establishing relationships to determine their home-buying needs. You will accompany visitors through their search while answering any questions and providing information about the marketplace and new community.

There are also roles that fall under customer care for new homes, going beyond the purchase of a home. There will be a dedicated team who help process repairs, and reports and liaise with residents after move-in. Contracting in customer care can be a brilliant way to launch a long-term career working in new homes and develop your customer service and admin skills further.

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How can contracting benefit you?

Expand your network: Experiencing a variety of contracts can provide you with more opportunities to grow your database of contacts and friends in the industry.

Flexibility: With project-focused work, you will have the freedom to work whenever you like, giving you more control of your personal life and alternate priorities.

Discover your passions: Contracting is a great way for you to see if you like the industry and if the job is for you. This gives you a better chance to find the right career for you.

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"Over the last 16 years, I've employed several junior people with no experience in the industry. Temping can be a great way of getting in the door, showing a flare, and being placed in future roles within the business."

Emily Armstrong, New Homes Director at Sewell & Gardner

Why be a contractor with deverellsmith?

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Meet Freddie - New Homes Sales Consultant

Freddie began contracting to allow him more autonomy in his life and give him more time to spend pursuing his acting career.

Watch the video to hear what tips he would give to people considering contracting, as well as how deverellsmith has helped put him in front of the right people.

Giving you the tools to succeed...

Whether you are an experienced candidate looking to get back into work, a student, a business owner or an actor, we can help you find the perfect role to slot into your everyday life.

We have put together the ultimate guide to give you the best chance at excelling in your next interview.

Link to the blog interview guide

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Hear from some of our clients...

What makes a good contractor?

​"Honesty, enthusiasm and self-motivation"

Emily Armstrong, New Homes Director at Sewell & Gardner

"Someone who is committed, hardworking, driven and confident in their ability to get a grasp on the development and get stuck in with selling."

Sophie Schofield, Head Of Sales – South East at St Modwen Homes.

How can contracting kick-start your career?

"I've employed two temps through deverellsmith, it's a great opportunity for them to learn about the builder, product and's a great place to learn and develop."

Jo Warren, Sales Manager for Nicholas King Homes

  • "Its probably the best way to test the role so to speak and see if it works for them. My suggestion would be if someone wants to break into the industry to get a cover role that is a month or longer so they can really see if it’s a career for them."

  • Rian Strauss, Associate Partner at Knight Frank

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