How To Advance Your Quantity Surveying Career

Do you work in Quantity Surveying or Project Management and want to progress and develop your quantity surveying career? Or perhaps you are considering a career as a Quantity Surveyor or Project Manager? With our access to the property industries leading professionals, we are have interviewed a highly successful quantity surveyor with four decades of experience to advise you on how to up-skill, future proof and stay ahead of the game to ensure you lead a rewarding career.

In this video “Advancing your career in Quantity Surveying”, Kevin Arnold, Equity Partner at Gardiner & Theobald gives his advice on how to succeed and truly stand out as a professional quantity surveyor.

Progression In Your Quantity Surveying Career

The construction industry has changed rapidly changed over the past few decade. Beginning his career in quantity surveying in the late 80s, Kevin was fortunate enough to witness the rise of spreadsheets and how this impacted day to day quantity surveying tasks. Kevin talks of how the industry and profession has changed dramatically, particularly how the impact of technology and BIM has helped drive automation.

Challenges In Quantity Surveying

Currently, the surveying profession is facing huge challenges due to constraints in the talent pipeline, as not enough individuals have qualified to meet demands. Kevin discusses the initiatives taking place to help overcome these challenges and what more could be done through government led initiatives and employers.

Skills Quantity Surveyors Really Need

Qualifications are essential and will open doors, but you still require certain skills to succeed in long term career as a Quantity Surveyor. Kevin advises on the skill sets you will need in your formative surveying years and where you can obtain them.

How To Stand Out As A Quantity Surveyor

To stand out in project management or as a quantity surveyor can be challenging, workloads fluctuate and market condidtions can sometimes impact achievement. Kevin gives his tips on how to ensure you stay ahead of the pack, future proof your skills and ensure you achieve your career goals.


Kevin Arnold draws on his experience in the profession and what he as an employer looks for in potential candidates. Kevin joined Gardiner & Theobald in 2003 from a competitor where he was Managing Director.  He runs a team of Chartered Commercial Surveyors working ondifferent projects across multiple property sectors.



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