5 Email Hacks For Business Development

Property business development is more crucial than ever in this increasingly competitive marketplace. It is always tempting to pick up the phone and have a chat, phone calls can interrupt work flow and gobble up everyone’s precious time.

Emails, on the other hand offer flexibility, trackability and you can go back and review your conversations, tweak your message until it’s just as you want it and even track your responses. This is why email is perfect for  pitching for new business.

Here are some of our favourite email hacks that will help you send better quality emails, faster and to the right people.





If you’re trying to grab people’s attention with your emails, then let it not be for your poor spelling, grammar or punctuation.

Grammarly is a clever little programme that checks your copy for typos and readability, ensuring that what you send out to potential customers is as grammatically good as it can be. They have a handy app which allows you to cut and paste text for checking or a useful Microsoft Office add-in which auto checks your word documents and emails directly.





Need an ice breaker? Nudge uses artificial intelligence to scan the web to find useful information and insights on the people and businesses you have in your contacts list. It brings up their contact information, real-time social media activity and online mentions as you write your emails, allowing you to draw on that information and use it as you see fit whilst you communicate.

Nudge can also be used as you surf the internet, highlighting information or data relating to people or contacts that matter to you as you surf the internet, be it reading a news article or a blog. Nudge works with Gmail, Google Inbox, Chrome and a selection of CRM systems.





Stuck for words? Writefull is an app that gives feedback on your writing by checking your text against databases of correct language. It can help you to see how often your selected text is used online and what context it is used in.

You can also hear how your text is pronounced, translate any language, help you to find the best word to fill a gap in your sentences and provide synonyms for any given word. It is compatible with all operating systems and also as an extension to Google Chrome.



Yesware provides useful insights into what happens to your emails after you click send. With CRM and Salesforce compatibility, it can track and log who opened or replied to your emails, who looked at your attachments, read your presentation and clicked your links.

Using this information, you can set up triggered campaigns, call reminders or social selling depending on what action the reader made, ensuring you keep your business prospects engaged and never miss a follow-up.


If No Reply


Aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, If No Reply is a simple to use follow up tool that work direct in your inbox.

If No Reply will send an automated follow up that is only sent if you don’t hear back from someone. With in-built templates and a mail merge functionality, you can cold-email new prospects, re-engage with existing ones or send auto-emails to new newsletter/website subscribers.

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